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A DIY Hair Fall Test

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Hair loss is a disorder that can happen to both men and women. Where in the case of women several circumstances and bodily changes may give rise excessive hair fall ,in males, the majority of cases of hair fall happen due to male pattern baldness which is a hereditary disorder.

There are a handful of diagnostic tests which can be done to understand the real reason for the hair fall

1.Hair Pull Test -

This simple test measures the severity of hair loss.


  • Select strand of 40-50 hair.

  • Hold this strand between thumb, middle and index finger.

  • Pull the strand slowly without applying much pressure.

  • Count the hair those detached from scalp.

  • If two or five hair are there, then consider the test as negative one.

  • If there are six hair detached from scalp test should be considered as positive and you have what’s known as active hair loss.

2.Hair Tug Test -


  • Select strand of few hair.

  • Hold the strand in two hands one near root and another near tip of strand.

  • Tug the strand with both the hands by applying considerable pressure.

  • Check if any of the strands break in the middle.

  • Broken hair gives information about fragility and brittleness of hair.

Daily hair counts

Daily scalp hair counts can be useful to the physician to help quantify how much the patient is losing and make sure that this is not more than the physiologic hair loss. It is said that it is normal to loose up to 100 hairs per day. Patients are instructed to collect hairs shed in one day, count them and place them in plastic bags. All shed hairs in the shower or sink or on the brush are collected. Daily hair counts for 7 days are maintained. It is expected to loose more hairs on shampoo days.

60-S Hair Count:

The technique comprises of the following four steps:

1. Before shampooing, comb your hair for 60 s over a white paper or black paper depending on the color to your hair, starting with the comb at the back top of the scalp and moving the comb forward to the front of the scalp.

2. Repeat the procedure before three consecutive shampooing (e.g., if you shampoo every other day, then repeat the procedure every other day) and always use the same comb or brush.

3. Count the number of hairs in the comb or brush and on the pillow after each hair count and record.

4. Repeat the above procedure monthly and compile the results to draw a conclusion.

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