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Svelte & Shape

Capsules for Weight Management

A purely herbal preparation made up of ingredients which help in losing the excessive fat and trimming up back to shape.


What leads to obesity?

Obesity is considered as a "Killer lifestyle" disease and is an important cause of preventable death worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.2 billion people worldwide (12% of the world’s population) are officially classified as overweight. Also, more than 3 percent (3 crores) of the Indian population is obese. Thus obesity is a serious worldwide health epidemic and it is predicted to double in the next 5 years. There are more than 30 medical conditions (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, infertility, respiratory diseases, sleep apnea, etc.) that are associated with obesity. Individuals who are obese are at risk of developing one or more of these serious medical conditions, causing poor health or, in severe cases, early death.

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Causes Of Obesity

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) the fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. It means, if a person eats more calories than he or she burns (metabolizes), the person gains weight (the body will store the excess energy as fat).

Increase Intake of Food

Increased intake of foods, particularly foods high in fat and sugars (sugary drinks, alcohol, junk and processed foods), leads to obesity.

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Decrease in Physical Activities

Decrease in physical activity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization contributes to weight gain.


Genetics can affect hormones involved in fat regulation. Leptin is a hormone which controls weight by signaling the brain to eat less when body fat stores are too high. If, for some reason, the body cannot produce enough leptin or leptin cannot signal the brain to eat less, this control is lost, and obesity occurs.

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Diet High in Simple Carbohydrates 

 Simple carbohydrates (sugars, fructose, desserts, soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.) contribute to weight gain because they are more rapidly absorbed and in turn stimulate insulin release. Insulin promotes the growth of fat tissue and can cause weight gain.


Medications associated with weight gain include certain anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, some anti-diabetic medications, anti-histaminics, anti-hypertensives, certain hormones such as oral contraceptives and most corticosteroids.




Diseases or medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome, and Cushing's syndrome are also contributors to obesity. Some diseases, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, can lead to obesity.


Common signs and symptoms of Obesity include:

  • Excess body fat accumulation (particularly around the waist)

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sweating 

  • Snoring

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Skin problems (from moisture accumulating in the folds of skin)

  • Inability to perform simple physical tasks (that one could easily perform before weight gain)

  • Fatigue 

  • Pain (commonly in the back and joints)

  • Psychological impact (negative self-esteem, depression, shame and social isolation).

Svelte & Shape

 Capsules for Weight Management

“A purely herbal preparation made of ingredients which help in maintaining the perfect body weight”.

Priority Herbals SVELTE & SHAPE capsules is a purely herbal preparation made up of ingredients which help in losing the excessive fat and trimming up back to shape. It acts by burning the excessive fat and suppressing over-eating. It also helps to increase the good cholesterol, and reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides. In addition to its weight loss effect, it also possesses antioxidant, anti-diabetic and cardioprotective effects, as obesity brings along with it its associated risks.

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About the Product

SVELTE AND SHAPE CAPSULES have been scientifically designed to take care of Obesity and its associated complications.The product contains high quality standardized extracts of Ginger, Guduchi, Guggul, Triphala, Karela, Methi, Pippali and Arjuna. The benefits of these ingredients on body weight/fat and its linked complications are listed below:

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Benefits of Herbal Ingredients 

  • Helps burn excessive Fat: Helps inhibit enzymes that helps the body store fat and instead be burned as calories. Also boosts metabolism and helps increase the effects of some fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine. Thus, it helps by melting the unwanted fat in the body and therefore supports weight loss.

  • Normalizes lipid levels: Helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and increases good cholesterol (HDL)

  • Helps Reduce Fat absorption: Suppresses the absorption of meal-derived lipids mediated by gallic acid (present in Baheda) and thus reduces visceral fat

  • Helps in Good Digestion: Triphala, Pippali and Ginger help improve digestion and promote the absorption of nutrients. They thus also boost metabolism and help regulate body weight

  • Possesses Antioxidant Effects: The herbs present in the product are packed full of nutrients and antioxidants that may increase fat burning, reduce appetite, help lose weight and boost health

  • Helps Reduce Complications: Obesity is linked to complications like Diabetes and Heart problems. Herbs like Karela, Methi, Triphala and Guduchi help reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic people. Arjuna and other herbs reduce lipid levels and decrease platelet stickiness thus reducing risk of heart disease and stroke.

  • Controls appetite and food cravings: Reduces appetite and so helps avoid over-eating in Obese people.


  • How much Hairfall is of concern and requires treatment?
    The American Academy of Dermatology has also stated that it is normal for a person to lose about 50–100 hairs each day. Anyone who notices that they are losing much more hair than they usually do (during combing or washing) or observe any warning signals like gradual thinning at the forehead or receding hairline, circular patchy bald spots or loosening of hair should consult a doctor (dermatologist or trichologist).
  • What are the reasons for excessive hairfall?
    Excessive hair fall can be the result of one or a combination of the below mentioned reasons: Family history (heredity) The most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called androgenic alopecia. In men, it’s called male pattern hair loss and in women it’s called female pattern hair loss. It usually occurs gradually and in predictable patterns - a receding hairline and bald spots in men and thinning hair or widening part in women. It is due to the effect of testosterone metabolites (DHT) in genetically susceptible hair follicles. Hormonal changes Hormonal changes caused due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, PCOD or thyroid problems can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. Stopping some types of birth control pills can also cause a temporary hormonal imbalance. Medical conditions Medical conditions include Alopecia areata (immune system related condition which causes patchy hair loss), Scalp infections (such as ringworm or scalp psoriasis) and Trichotillomania (a hair-pulling disorder). Sexually transmitted infection (STI) like Syphilis can also lead to hair loss. Left untreated, syphilis can cause patchy hair loss on the scalp, eyebrows, beard, and elsewhere. Nutritional Deficiencies Vitamin deficiencies (particularly B, C, D and E) or too little biotin, iron, protein, or zinc can lead to hair loss. Medications Hair loss can be a side effect of certain drugs, such as those used for cancer (both chemotherapy and radiotherapy), arthritis, depression, heart problems and high blood pressure. Stress Any kind of physical trauma (surgery, accident or a severe illness) can cause temporary hair loss. This can also happen after a stressful time in your life, such as a divorce, death of a loved one or financial crisis. Stress can affect the blood supply to the hair follicles thereby reducing the nutrition required for hair strength and growth. Dramatic weight loss Sudden weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can result in hair fall. It may be possible that the weight loss itself is adding stress to your body or that diet restrictions which are part of weight loss program are resulting in vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Loss of hair along with noticeable weight loss may also be a sign of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Hairstyles and treatments Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot-oil hair treatments, permanents, bleaching, dyeing, straightening, curling etc. also cause damage to the hair. Before starting any treatment what are the important things to know? Before starting any treatment, you need to try to identify the reason for your hair fall. You need to understand if it can be treated by simple steps at home like proper diet/nutrition, proper hair care and reducing stress levels, or does it require medical treatment.
  • How do I know why am I losing hair?
    Medical health screening is required to understand the reason for hairfall. It includes following blood tests for, Complete blood count (CBC) Iron level Vitamin B Vitamin D3 Thyroid function tests Biopsy of the scalp In addition to the above, a female need to know if she got any of the Hormonal problems like, Irregular menstrual cycles PCOD Menopause. Females suffering from these problems tend to face hairloss issues. You may also need to identify if you are going through any of the below: Stressful situations Any rigorous weight loss program Simply habitual to pulling out hair
  • What are the therapies that I should look for?
    After identifying the cause/causes for hairfall you need to first try to treat the root cause. If you have a deficiency of Iron (or haemoglobin) you should take tonics containing iron (referred to as hematinics) If you have a hormonal issue take natural or herbal supplements to correct hormonal imbalances (allopathic medicines pose risks of cancer on prolonged use) If it is due to stress de-stress yourself or take anti-stress medicines. To treat androgenic or genetic alopecia, reduce DHT levels with Flaxseed, Green tea, Amla, Grape seed and other natural remedies (the most commonly available allopathic medicines are reported with several drawbacks such as allergic contact dermatitis, scalp irritation, burning, unwanted hair growth, ejaculation disorder, and decreased libido) Alongwith these remedies use Hair growth supplements or Oils to accelerate hair growth to regain hair at a faster pace. You need to understand that it takes almost 2 -6 months minimum to show desired results with any form of treatment.
  • What are the different herbs and oils that are good for hair?
    Herbs like Bhringraj, Aloe vera, Methi, Hibiscus, Amla, Tulsi, Jatamansi and oils like Almond oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Lemon seed oil, Tea tree oil, Jojoba oil and many more have great effects on hairfall, hair growth and hair quality.
  • What are the Do’s and Don’ts for reducing hairfall?
    Do’s Have a nutritious protein rich diet Massage your scalp and hair with oil on a routine basis Keep scalp sweat-free Treat itchy scalp on time Treat dietary deficiencies Treat health conditions like thyroid issues, anemia, hormonal imbalances, etc. Don’ts Avoid harsh chemicals on hair and scalp (shampoos, colorants, etc.) Reduce alcohol intake Avoid smoking Reduce stress Avoid brushing wet hair Avoid constant heating and drying of hair Avoid frequent hair coloring and hair styling Prevent traction alopecia Avoid medications which cause hairfall
  • How does Priority Herbal’s STOPFALL OIL work?
    Priority Herbal’s STOPFALL OIL has been scientifically designed using selected herbs and essential oils which act in multiple ways to reduce or prevent hairfall and promote new hair growth. The product contains best quality herbs like Bhringraj, Brahmi, Grape seed, Jatamansi, Methi, Tulsi, Hibiscus, Neem and Amla. It also contains oils like cedarwood, sandalwood and almond. The base oil comprises of a mixture of coconut and sesame oil. The overall effects of the ingredients are mentioned below: Helps Reduce Hairfall: Herbs like Hibiscus, Tulsi, Amla, Almond & Cedarwood oil are known to reduce hairfall and strenghthen hair roots Helps Increase Blood Circulation: Helps increase blood circulation to the hair follicles thereby providing strength and nutrition to the hair Helps Protect the Scalp: Due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant activities of its constituent herbs it helps protect the scalp against infections and dandruff Protects Hair Follicles: Protects the integrity of hair follicle cells from oxidative damage, giving hair strands a longer lifespan before falling off. This is due to the presence of antioxidants like Grape seed extract and Amla. Provides Nourishment: Coconut oil, Almond oil, Sesame oil, Hibiscus and Amla help provide nourishment to the hair and scalp thus promoting hair strength, growth and hair quality. It also helps increase hair elasticity and prevent hair from drying and turning brittle, thickens the hair strands, prevents dryness and dandruff, improves scalp health and accelerates hair growth. Reduces stress: Jatamansi and Brahmi help reduce stress levels. Stress is both the cause and result of hairfall. So reducing stress helps reduce hairfall. Helps Reduce Dandruff: Neem and Sandalwood oil help reduce dandruff and itching. Helps Reduce Hair Greying: Herbs like Methi and Bhringraj help reduce greying of hair.
  • How long does it take for Stopfall oil to show its results?
    It takes almost 2-3 months for the product to show the desired results. If a person does not have any health issues which may trigger hairfall or if the condition has been treated the product may start showing results in 1-2 months itself.
  • How to use STOPFALL OIL?
    Apply 3-5ml of Stopfall oil on the scalp and along the length of hair at night. Give a gentle massage with finger tips and keep it overnight. Wash in the morning using mild shampoos.
  • For how long can I use this product?
    The product can be used for long period safely as it is 100% natural and made from best quality herbs.
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