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Introducing Renargo Herbal Supplement For Kidney Care, a scientifically developed herbal supplement that works wonders on kidney stones and reducing increased creatinine levels. Our 100% natural formula is made with standardized extract, ensuring the highest quality and potency. With the power of natural herbs, Renargo promotes kidney health and supports overall kidney function. Say goodbye to kidney troubles and hello to improved kidney health with Renargo Herbal Supplement For Kidney Care. Try it today and experience the natural benefits for yourself.

Renargo Herbal Supplement For Kidney Care

  • Priority Herbals RENARGO has been scientifically designed to improve overall kidney functioning in kidney disorders. The product contains best quality standardized extracts of Punarnava, Varuna, Gokhru, Arjuna, Hibiscus, etc.The herbs present in the product particular help in getting rid of kidney stones and managing kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

         The overall effects of the ingredients are mentioned below:

    • Prevents Kidney Stone Formation
    • Breaks Kidney Stones
    • Increases Urinary Excretion of Stones
    • Protects the Kidneys
    • Helps in UTI
    • Improves kidney functioning
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